Meet Michelle

I am a business owner, creative entrepreneur, designer, hopeful romantic,

wanderluster-er, Grammy winning singer (in my car) and crazy dog mama. I am

obsessed with all things vintage,velvet and over the top. My career in design started

as a whim ​in 1992 when I received my Interior Design Certification from ICS while living in Germany.. After working in the design industry for two years, I was asked to help

my parents with their landscape company in Hilton Head S.C. This iswhere I realized

my passions for floral design.  After years of learning the different types of florals and doing every event I could get involved in, I started an Event Planner and Design Company.My life motto is ‘Creativity Breeds Creativity’ and surrounding myself with artistic folk makes my world go ‘round! My inspiration from my family, good friends and being present in life’s moments are what drives mybusiness and is the core of our company. I will alwaysroot for and stick up for the underdog and my lovefor “the little things in life” help create authentic and emotion filled events for my clients. My goal is to makeyour wedding one of the most memorable and super fun days of your life - thus far!

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Lead Designer, Consultant & Owner

Meet Our Team Leaders

Jacob Mell

Emily Mock

Meet Gracie our loving Mascott

     I am Gracie, or Gracie Bell. I prefer Gracie. I am a sheltie from Athens Georgia. my job is the greeting at the door. I am always available to give you a paw to keep you calm during the stress of planning a wedding. I love hot dogs, and my Mom, she tries to include me in everything she can. I may bark, but I am only trying to say hello. I am a girl, so I do get excited about all the wedding details. My mom likes to show me the sparkly things, I like them the most. So if you come to visit me, please bring hot dogs!!!!

Savannah, Georgia - - (912) 631-5701